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Scarification is an ancient art of marking the skin permanently without the use of ink, but instead by making incisions into the skin to create both basic and intricate patterns which heal to form a scar of the desired design. Sometimes irritants were added to the healing tissue over the first 10 days to "confuse" the tissue, by using both alkaline and acidic irritants along with keeping the tissue moist over the ten day period, would assist in promoting a much more prominent scar. Scarification in ancient times was performed for ritualistic reasons, rites of passage from child to man or woman hood, social stature, to mark criminals, as a form of making the body more desirable to male or female tribal members etc etc.

We at Polymorph have been performing scarification procedures for 8 years, and although our techniques are different now as to what the were in ancient times the end result is very much the same and the journey through the process is also very similar.

We prefer to use a cylindrical scalpel handle with a number 11 scalpel blade to perform the procedure, and although this sounds quite painful it has been compared closely to tattooing in regards to pain factor.


There are many different variables that will determine the out come of any scarification piece. As a general rule of thumb most Caucasian skin scars turn out to be quite flat or indented, people of darker skin tones tend to have a more prominent keloid scar.

Although this is more often the case there are various thing that can be done to promote scaring on a healing scarification piece, and will sometime help to achieve a more prominent effect in Caucasian skin which were mentioned briefly in the first paragraph.

Scarification, is a different way to mark the body in a different and more subtle way than tattooing and can also be an alternative to tattooing with white ink over black, with a much better result. It is also a good way for people with existing scars they find unsightly, to have them turned into something a little less unsightly without having to try tattooing over the top off them to try cover them up.
Robert Valenti is our main scarification artist and has be with Polymorph since 1998. The photos are a few examples of his work both new and healed. Please feel free to call the studio for a consultation. We hope to see you soon and hope you enjoy the photos.